Tether – Murder in The Kremlin by Tether
Murder in The Kremlin

Murder in The Kremlin

May 30th – June 14th
Private View : May 29th, 6-8pm followed by The Art Crawl

For the third and final show in the Wasp Room gallery’s inaugural season of exhibitions, Tether present ‘Murder in the Kremlin’; a tale of espionage, paranoia and death.

In this age of 24‐hour CCTV, where our daily lives are increasingly recorded, newspapers manufacture stories to sell copies and satellite news channels do
anything to keep us watching, who can we trust anymore? Amidst the paranoia and propaganda how can we hope for a simple answer?

With a story slowly unraveling before us, we piece together all we can to make sense of what we see. All that we know for sure is that we are in troubled times.

Collaborating on this large multi‐faceted group installation, Tether will use a variety of methods and media to create frozen moments, or episodes, in an untold narrative, with shades of the Hollywood thriller.

Supported by The National Lottery through Arts Council England and Nottingham Brewery

Anthony Peskine – Who Do You Think You ARe? by Tether
March 29, 2009, 4:24 pm
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Anthony Peskine - PlaymobilThe Wasp Room is pleased to present ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, the first UK exhibition by Parisian artist Anthony Peskine.

Adopting and adapting the visual languages of advertising campaigns and with a keen sense of the absurd, Peskine’s work is concerned with the predicament of the loser, and how promises are rarely fulfilled.

Peskine seeks to satirise the way in which aspiration and hope are exploited as a manipulative device. He uses his own disappointment and disillusionment to drive a varied artistic practice that ranges from painting and photography, to text pieces, video works and installations.
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Tom Down – A Far Sunset by Tether
March 14, 2009, 6:04 pm
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Tom Down - A Far Sunset

Tom Down - A Far Sunset

The Wasp Room is pleased to announce ‘A Far Sunset’: the first solo exhibition by Tom Down. The exhibition is open from March 26th – April 11th, Thursday – Sunday, with a private view on March 24th, 6-8pm. There will be a talk by the artist on April 1st, from 7pm.

Uniting previous threads of his artistic practice, Tom Down has chosen to transform the gallery into a quasi-archival space. Utilising and displaying a collection of diverse images, objects and text, where distinctions between the found and the constructed are continually blurred. These individual elements span a broad range of references from heraldry and history painting to sci-fi illustration. Through the use of these established genres, his work pertains to romantic notions of conquest and exploration, presenting an ultimately futile attempt to regain a certain lost spirit that those embody.

The work revels in these fantastic ideals, whilst naggingly reminding us these are yet to be realised, so obviously showing us what we want that it points more to the absent than the represented. Even the title of the show, appropriated from an Edmund Cooper novel, continually alludes to something that can be seen but never reached.

Constantly aware of the futility of the attempt, these elements are unified by a characteristic use of materials, an obsessive, hobbyist-like enthusiasm that permeates through the work. This approach tests the artist to his limits, in an effort to convince himself that the ideals he explores are still worthwhile, still valid.

For more information, visit tether.org.uk or download the press release.