16 Days by Tether
March 2, 2011, 12:31 pm
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Are we ham acting? Have we missed the fact that it all stopped in 1983 and we’re all just out there on a repeater because it’s something to do on a Sunday?

For 16 days from April 1st 2011, Tether will be stationed at The Lombard Method in Birmingham. The Nottingham based collective will work towards creating 16 new works that seek to interfere with the Lombard Method and the way people interact and react within it. Through permanent and time-specific alterations, the works will address abstract concepts of space, time and history, placing diverse happenings or ephemera alongside each other in a non-linear format.
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Race For The Prize by Tether
October 7, 2010, 9:14 am
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Race For The Prize

featuring Paul Lewthwaite, Geoff Diego Litherland & Jonathan Gillie

14th – 24th October 2010, Thursday – Sunday, 12-5pm
Private View: 14th October, 7-9pm

The Wasp Room & Max Warburg Space present the group exhibition Race For The Prize. This collaborative endeavour seeks to expose confluences that have arisen in the artists’ recent work and future direction, which will result in a series of explorative exhibitions.

The artists’ practices are rooted in an ongoing investigation with the processes and formal elements inherent to the media of sculpture, painting and moving image. This understanding of history and technique is not the only overlap in the artists’ work. Recently they have been drawn to the imagery and narratives found within the genres of science fiction. By appropriating these ideologies, which often have pseudo-religious undertones and apocalyptic prophecies, they seek to create an interchange between fantasy and stark reality.

The works aim to exploit the way sculpture and painting can manifest the abstract and intangible into something bordering on reality. Lewthwaite’s sculptures are assembled from laboriously crafted components and ready-made objects. Their stage set qualities and odd forms play with illusions of interpretation, highlighted by the choice of materials and peculiar surface treatments. Litherland’s paintings emerge from dark, geometric backgrounds where painterly abstractions jostle with 3D forms to generate awkward compositions that aspire to enlighten yet offer little resolution.

Together the artworks create an ‘out of the ordinary’ and slightly uncanny atmosphere in the gallery space. Vivid primary and fluorescent colours combine with muted ochres. The detritus of semi-recognisable forms and shapes are laid out ready to be reassembled by the audience.

The exhibition at The Wasp Room is complimented by the digital animations of Jonathan Gillie, whose work references current aesthetics in the visual, as well as the musical avant-garde. His animations are heavily layered compositions in which process and precision play an equal role to instinct and experiment. Attempting to visualize current thinking in science, electronic music and moving image he produces an imagined, exotic environment, as familiar as it is alien and as mechanical as it is organic.


Poubelle by Tether
July 1, 2010, 2:41 pm
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Tether are featured in the group exhibition Poubelle at Grin & Slutsky Zurich later this month. Poubelle is an exhibition of videos and installations that create and destroy myths, from the position of contemporary practice.