16 Days by Tether
March 2, 2011, 12:31 pm
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Are we ham acting? Have we missed the fact that it all stopped in 1983 and we’re all just out there on a repeater because it’s something to do on a Sunday?

For 16 days from April 1st 2011, Tether will be stationed at The Lombard Method in Birmingham. The Nottingham based collective will work towards creating 16 new works that seek to interfere with the Lombard Method and the way people interact and react within it. Through permanent and time-specific alterations, the works will address abstract concepts of space, time and history, placing diverse happenings or ephemera alongside each other in a non-linear format.
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Poubelle by Tether
July 1, 2010, 2:41 pm
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Tether are featured in the group exhibition Poubelle at Grin & Slutsky Zurich later this month. Poubelle is an exhibition of videos and installations that create and destroy myths, from the position of contemporary practice.

The ArtCrawl by Tether


The ArtCrawl is a multi-venue, all night event to be held in Nottingham city centre. It will begin at Tether Studios at 8pm, alongside the launch of Murder in the Kremlin at The Wasp Room. Art Crawl guides Andrew Knight and Annette Foster will then take visitors around a number of venues in the city where artworks will be exhibited and experienced.

Artists from across the UK have been selected to show work with an emphasis on interaction and participation.

Featured artists include:
Alexandra Lockett & Ian England
Ben Dawson
Drunken Chorus
Elena Cassidy-Smith
Emily Hayes
Exit Here
Hamish Walker
Harriet Startin
Jemma Egan
Katie Doubleday & Andrew Brown
Laurence Payot
Miyuki Kasahara
Nathania Hartley
Stuart McAdam

Films by:
Dave Richards
David Blandy
Gemma Marie-Longbottom
Ivar Waldemarson
Mark Bell
Mark Jones
Molly Palmer
Nicky Cary & Antonio DiBenedetto
Pic Pic Andre
Rebecca Bibby
Robert Bidder

Music by:
The Kull
We Show Up On Radar
Tom Thomas Club

The tour will conclude at Tether Studios with music, film and a shared breakfast at sunrise (approximately 5am).

Places are limited, so booking is essential. Visit http://www.tether.org.uk or email artcrawlnottingham@gmail.com for details and booking.

The ArtCrawl is curated by Timothy Dixon, Katherine Webborn and Matthew Cooper in association with Tether and with support from the Arts Council through the National Lottery.

Tether – Murder in The Kremlin by Tether
Murder in The Kremlin

Murder in The Kremlin

May 30th – June 14th
Private View : May 29th, 6-8pm followed by The Art Crawl

For the third and final show in the Wasp Room gallery’s inaugural season of exhibitions, Tether present ‘Murder in the Kremlin’; a tale of espionage, paranoia and death.

In this age of 24‐hour CCTV, where our daily lives are increasingly recorded, newspapers manufacture stories to sell copies and satellite news channels do
anything to keep us watching, who can we trust anymore? Amidst the paranoia and propaganda how can we hope for a simple answer?

With a story slowly unraveling before us, we piece together all we can to make sense of what we see. All that we know for sure is that we are in troubled times.

Collaborating on this large multi‐faceted group installation, Tether will use a variety of methods and media to create frozen moments, or episodes, in an untold narrative, with shades of the Hollywood thriller.

Supported by The National Lottery through Arts Council England and Nottingham Brewery

Trouble in Paradise : Debra Swann by Tether
January 9, 2009, 1:41 pm
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Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise

The Wasp Room will be exhibiting new works by the artist Debra Swann, made during a three-week residency. The exhibition will be running from Thursday 29th January to Sunday 15th February 2009. The private view will take place on Tuesday 27th January, 6 – 8pm.


Debra Swann’s artwork is driven by her interest in science and time travel and the personas she adopts in everyday life, commenting on the domestic or private space by exploring the boundaries between reality and fantasy. The installations she creates are rich in imagined narrative but use everyday materials like sellotape and brown paper in their construction.

The artworks form props with implied functions, which on closer examination are revealed as illusions with flawed usefulness; the authority of Swann’s alter egos are also exposed as a hoax.

Debra Swann- “I have always been interested in the idea of travelling through time. Taking on personas, such as the Victorian collector or the colonial woman has allowed me to travel into the past. Through all my work I am juxtaposing significance and insignificance, searching to find meaning in things and exploring a desire for importance.

“The installation will create a sense of time gone by, a series of generations of comings and goings, an apocalyptic scene of death, decay and regeneration”

Play State : Smith Partners Ltd by liamaitken
December 7, 2008, 5:50 pm
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Play State, at The Wasp Room

Play State, at The Wasp Room

The Wasp Room -a new gallery space situated within Tether Studios in Nottingham- will be hosting its inaugural exhibition, ‘Play State’, from Thursday 11th December to Sunday 21st December 2008. The private view will take place on Tuesday 9th December, 6 – 8pm.

Smith Partners Ltd. is a collaboration between two London-based artists, Laura Nash and Hanne Cole, whose individual practices approach themes of humour and entertainment, sport and games.

Working under their collaborative pseudonym for this show, Nash and Cole have created images which, taking inspiration from the written rules of traditional games such as ‘British Bulldog’, use colour, shape and line to reflect the essence of games; with notions of ‘home’ or ‘base’, movements or actions made by players, team allegiances and strategic nuances reflected in their cartographical compositions.

The gallery is open Thursday-Sunday, 3-7pm, or by appointment.

About Tether Festival 2007 by hughdichmont

Tether Festival – three weeks of events, exhibitions, performances and screenings in November 2007 – represented the first major project by Nottingham based artist group Tether. Under the direction of Hugh Dichmont and Samuel Mercer, Tether’s members curated shows, facilitated collaborations and hosted events which made Tether Festival not only an opportunity for members of Tether to exhibit their own work, but as a means to establish connections with artist groups and practitioners throughout the UK.

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